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At the end of 2020 we informed everyone that Search Engines, Hosting Companies, and others were changing the rules on the internet that would change how free distributed software works.  They all wanted to take control of your information and make it difficult to conduct business without their tracking systems and certificates.  In addition, Covid19 has damaged many support companies. With the new laws and politics adding to the end of 2020 we encouraged everyone to transfer any funds to their personal wallets prior to January 2021.  With the new laws, tax requirements, know your customer, and failed support companies we can no longer operate Weshare Pledges.  We have effectively been close since January 2021 with only four active customers in the last year.

What Does It Mean?

Wallets – First all purchases were direct from the purchaser’s bitcoin wallet to the referrer’s wallet.  Your wallet bitcoin address is made up of your ID, name, email, pin, and password.  The company does not have your pin or password.  Our company can approve to send the funds to your new bitcoin address or cancel the request leaving the funds tied to your encrypted wallet (to protect from fraud).

Because of software changes by companies outside our control, online transfers are impossible since they block the transactions.  Your funds are still in those encrypted bitcoin addresses, and we can approve their transfer with proper identification through offline processing.  We have given almost a year for people to transfer while the software worked.  Now we not only have broken third party software, but tax and legal restrictions by the new political party.  Any funds not transferred before January 1st, 2022, will be lost to the blockchain forever because we will not be able to approve transfers.

If you still have funds in your wallet, contact us via Telegram by the link above.  Request to make a transfer and provide your Weshare Pledges Referral ID.  We will send an email to the email address on file matching the Referral ID.  That email will contain the information you will need to provide to receive your funds.  We can only put in the information you provide.  If your PIN or Password are wrong or other information wrong, the software will not be able to sign the bitcoin address for transfer.

Because the online software will not work, you will need to provide the bitcoin address you wish funds transferred to.  If you have old links or try to change accounts or transfer online, the system will fail and any funds you may have will be lost on the blockchain.

Most do not have sufficient funds to transfer.  Current blockchain fees have been averaging about $15 plus our overhead to do this manual approval will be another $15.  We will try to at least get the online wallet working before the end of the year so that you can see what funds you may have to transfer.

Originally, the company never touched any software except to approve your funds in your wallet to your new wallet or cancel the transfer.  Now because we must manually enter your information that only you have as a third party, with the new laws and politics, and the fact that we need to follow the know your customer and tax laws, there are strict rules to follow.  The tax can be as high as 66% on any unrealized gains you currently have, especially if they pass the new stimulus bills.

If you are not happy with these procedures, we agree, it really burdens us and anyone doing business independently with the theft of capital gains to pay for entitlement pork projects.  You get what you vote for so teach others what is happening.

Requirements –You will need to provide ALL the information requested for us to approve the transfer of your wallet. We will send a form to the email on file matching the ID.  Please understand if ANY of the information is incorrect the software will not generate the correct key to transfer your funds.  Everything must be exact including spelling and capitalization.

The below information creates the key to sign your bitcoin wallet address.

  • ID in our database
  • Name exactly as in our database
  • Email exactly as in our database
  • Password exactly as you created it with spelling and capitalization
  • PIN exactly as you created it with spelling and capitalization

The below information is required as a third-party transferring funds on your behalf.

  • Full name matching your government ID
  • Government picture ID such as driver’s license or passport
  • Full Social Security Number
  • Current Address
  • Utility or other local service bill matching your current address
  • Phone number
  • Statement that you are not subject to backup withholding tax.

Please understand that the new tax laws in effect or expect to be in effect may make us liable for any capital gain of all bitcoins held in wallets, even if we cannot access the funds. Depending on the decision of our tax lawyer, we may need you to agree to transferring up to 66% of your gain to a tax account before we can approve any transfer.  This will affect all accounts no matter how small.

Submit your request on telegram prior to December 28th, 2021.


ALL Pledge Points including optional pledges are derived from the sale of products directly from purchaser to referrer.

Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.