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Instructions: This page is for a new customer. You start the registration process by clicking on the Register Button. Once you have registered, you will be directed to a success page with your Coupon Code ID. Once you have finsished registration you will have a page that looks like this. You will need your customers to use your referral ID and Register Button. Always share the link we give you as your referral link (nothing else). If the ID at the end of the link in the top left of this page is not YOUR ID, change it in the address bar and click the "return or enter" key on your computer.


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The Product – The initial retail only product is a $35 a month marketing system using eBook advertising with a final purchase of an additional $350 which does not include sharing in Pledges. We want individuals to join the Pledge Distribution Formula and OPTIONALLY Pledge $10 to the company and Pledge $20 in bitcoin directly to the coupon provider to waive their first month $35 marketing system. After the initial pledge, the individual agrees to automatically pledge a total of $474 from pledge profits for the system. Those electing to participate by registering will also receive according to the Pledge Distribution Formula. The automatic pledges from earnings will eventually move the individual to Rank5 in the 30 Pair Tree opening their bank and Rank1 in the 300 Pair Tree. All further ranks must be manually pledged by the individual from received pledges through StepUp to receive pledges on higher ranks. Once reaching Rank1 in the 300 Pair Tree, additional eBook branding / advertising is available.

Pledges – Pledges are made from one individual directly to up to three projects, sent currently in bitcoin. The company software determines which projects to direct the pledges to by opening a channel between the sender and receiver according to the Pledge Distribution Formula. The Pledge stays in the original bitcoin address of the sender on the blockchain until a receiver action withdraws the pledge closing the channel between sender and receiver. All pledges and distribution are fully transparent and trackable in the back office. Pledges cannot be withdrawn until reaching Step 5, except in special circumstances. This is to protect the individual and keep them qualified for more pledges. The software will automatically take from earned pledges to promote to Rank 5 in the 30 Pair Tree and 300 to promote to Rank1 in the 300 Pair Tree. The individual will need one Team / Pool Point to receive Pledges on Rank4 and Rank5 in the 30 Pair Tree. ALL Pledge Points including optional pledges are derived from the sale of products. Pledge Points are often called Mall Points.

Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.