What are they and how to win.

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Pool Points

Pool Points are a large source of points in the IPF System. Points are supported by the highest earners and are distributed to those doing the most CURRENT work. As example 50% of all points in a 2 X 7 matrix are provided by the 128 positions on Floor Seven. It only takes four positions to return double the cost of the owner for that Floor. This means they share 35% of the other 124 positions at 5120 points each to the Pledge Pool. The total for ONE matrix owner for just Floor Seven is 0.35 X 124 X 5120 = 222,208 points. This does not consider how many matching points of Floor 7 would be received from Children and Grandchildren also reaching Floor Seven Target shares. Contrast that with Second Floor owners who only share 10% to the Pool on Matching Second Floor for their Children and Grandchildren. Also the company three top positions share like everyone else to the Pools.

The point is, there are a LOT of points, and most of them come from the top earners who can afford them, and are probably fishing or at the movies. The individual with the least earnings share insignificantly, but importantly, into the Pledge Pools.

Here is the beauty, the Pools generally share out to the individuals with the most current Team Points. This is usually the newest and most excited building the business, but that can be the top earner or the newest guy who just sold products to everyone. Also each Team Point represents six new customers placed at the BOTTOM of the Pledge Tree, which helps the whole business. This is how the Circulation of Currency works.

Company Launch Contests

The first contest will be based on performance. We will take the top winners based on pool points and distribute the pool pledges after launch. The current decision is to have 50% to first place, 30% to Second and 20% to Third. This could change depending on the amount in the Pledge Pool. Because everyone is qualified seven floors during prelaunch, there will be less in the pool than when individuals need to market and build teams for qualification.


We intend on launching the IPF for sharing soon after March 2019. The company holds the top position and the two front line for employee and other company benefits.

When the launch starts, both the eBook and Patent will be open for purchase and step up. Everyone during the initial launch period will be seven floors qualified; however, you must purchase the product / products before you can receive any step ups. Those purchasing the respective product will continue qualified until two weeks after the initial launch. The initial launch is expected to end with the company nine floors filled, which is 1023 sales.

The Pledge Tree fill starts at the first qualified (paid) ancestor starting from the parent, then positioned from top to bottom, then a formula of distribution mostly left to right each level. A pledge tree is a 2 x 7 matrix. This means the faster you Pledge your initial eBook or Patent, the higher you are in the general Pledge Tree. Also the faster your children and grandchildren pledge the higher in the Pledge Tree they are for YOUR matches.

Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.