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There are several ways to earn Share / Pledge Points in the IPF. References to Equity or Loyalty Points in the PPEC were an earlier version with dynamic compression but leading to some losing payments because of the failure of others. The IPF is an enhanced point distribution system where you are rewarded, if you qualify, regardless of the qualification of others.

Please keep in mind, in all discussions; we are NOT talking about dollars (fiat currency) but as a reference for Share Points. Share Points are NOT Equity, it stands for EQUALITY. The customer purchases product at the current dollar value converted to the market price of a digital currency. Due to delays in the digital currency market with constant changing value, the actual Share Points could be MORE or LESS than the dollar value when distributed in accounts. In all cases the software provides the full digital currency, AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE, to the receiving customers.

A significant point to note is, retail sales pay peer to peer, meaning the company does NOT receive your funds, but they are paid direct to you from your customer. You are not an employee or contractor with the company and are responsible for your own income. The software only directs who to pay and works like a public recorder on the blockchain. Everyone should immediately get a bitcoin wallet then register their bitcoin receive address under Accounts in the IPF.

A Customer has three choices:

  1. The customer can pay full retail and not use a coupon. As example, the ad in the Bohb eBook which explains beta hydroxybutyrate sells for $40 retail, and the Small Dreams Ad sells for and additional $350. The company receives all profit and overhead.
  2. They can register for Free in the System using a Loyalty Coupon and refer up to three sales with the same benefits as an individual who has “shared to the system”. After the third sale, they only receive 50% of the normal amount with 25% to the company and 25% to the Pool.
  3. They can elect to become a Loyalty Customer by purchasing and converting their Loyalty Coupon into 20 Share Points for the Phase1 eBook ads or 200 Share Points to incllude the Phase2 eBook ads. When they voluntarily send those 20 / 200 Share Points to the individual who referred them in the IPF (their Parent), they will be marked as Qualified on the First Rank of the IPF in either or both of the $30 eBook ads or $300 System, whatever they purchased. When they make retail sales by supplying their Loyalty Coupon to customers, they receive up to 66% of the Loyalty Share Points.

If the customer exercises their Loyalty Coupon, it works like a pledge to their coupon provider. Their Loyalty Points are now shared in the digital currency to their referrer and can change value up or down instantly. It costs them NOTHING to join the IPF. They just agree the normal company profit is held by THEIR Bitcoin address and they pledge it to the individual who referred them and the company at a later withdraw date.

Warning: You need the full Share Points for qualification, AT THE CURRENT MARKET PRICE. This means if you are holding your Share Points in your wallet, and you are not Qualified at higher ranks in the IPF, the value could go up or down. If you later decide to “Step Up” voluntarily in the IPF, by pledging Share Points to your referrer for their work effort to get you into the program, you may not have enough Share Points to do so. In this case you will need to sell another eBook ad or Patent to have enough Share Points to “Step Up” or purchase.

It is always best to Step Up immediately on your first sale and send your pledged points directly to your referrer, if you have not previously purchased your eBook and / or Full System. This way you immediately get Qualified and your referrer is holding the points and the possible digital currency changes.


Technically the company is giving you an additional 66% Loyalty Coupon discount based on your agreement to pledge that share to your Loyalty Coupon provider. After the initial pledge, the individual agrees to automatically pledge a total of $474 from pledge profits for the system. Those electing to participate by registering will also receive according to the Pledge Distribution Formula. The automatic pledges from earnings will eventually move the individual to Rank5 in the 30 Pair Tree opening their bank and Rank1 in the 300 Pair Tree. All further ranks must be manually pledged by the individual from received pledges through StepUp to receive pledges on higher ranks. The individual will need one Team / Pool Point to receive Pledges on Rank4 and Rank5 in the 30 Pair Tree. ALL Pledge Points including optional pledges are derived from the sale of products.

Everyone is automatically qualified to the top of the system for the first two weeks. This gives them a chance to “catch up” to others who “get it” before they do, and save them lost pledges.

The Ranks, Floors, Target, Parent, Grandparent, Child, Grandchild, Share Points, Qualification, and Pair Tree are described in detail on the IPF Details tab.

Some Floors are divided into Steps or Ranks to allow easier qualification and to determine Share Brackets. A Share Bracket is a Floor that may have one or three Steps / Ranks. Share Brackets (Floors) are used to combined income from Ranks / Steps for determining System Shares.

Once you have earned double what you paid for your eBook Ad your shares received from purchases will be reduced by 5% to the Pool and 5% to the Company. The Phase1 and Phase2 shares and qualifications are calculated separately.

All this is really simple. All you do is push the button to Step Up in Rank. If you have enough Pledges in your wallet from earnings and Pool Points, the system will set up a transaction to distribute your next Rank share to the proper Sponsor, Target, Primary, Secondary, Pools and Company.

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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.