Secondary Points

Grandparent Share Points

  • Secondary Share Points
  • Grandparent / Grandchild Relationship
  • Qualification Share Points
  • 50% Grandchild Match

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Secondary Share Points are points received in the IPF because of a customer your Child has personally enrolled (known as your grandchild or grandchildren). This is because your Grandchild was the “Target” of a Second Floor and above qualification according to the Equity Distribution Formula. The qualifying customer directly circulates Share Points to you, not through your Grandchild.

In simple terms this means you receive a 50% match of Share Points on all your grandchildren under special conditions. (You are the Grandparent of your Grandchild regardless of where they are in the Pair Tree.)

Those conditions are:

  • Someone in the Seven Generation Qualified Floors below your Grandchild Targets Share Points to your Grandchild according to the Equity Distribution Formula.
  • You are Qualified to receive the Share Points because you previously, voluntarily circulated the Share Points to your Qualified Target Ancestor an equal number of Floors before you.
  • Your Grandchild or Target failure to qualify does not disqualify you.

The Floors, Target, Parent, Grandparent, Child, Grandchild, Share Points, Qualification, and Pair Tree are described in detail on the IPF Details tab.

The 50% will be reduced by 10% to 35% to the Pool and 5% to the Company after you earn twice what you shared for a Floor.

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