Target Points

Qualified Pair Tree Share Points

  • Share it Forward Once Per Floor / Step
  • Defining the Target
  • Target receives 50% of the Share Points
  • Parent / Grandparent 25% Share Points Each
  • Must be Qualified to Receive Share Points

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The secret to the IPF is how we circulate currency through the Equity Distribution Formula. The key ingredient, is the agreement, which ALL participants make when joining our platform. Each individual agrees to voluntarily share Qualifying Share Points to the "Target" of each of seven qualified ancestors who came before them. The sharing is all done direct individual to individual. The IPF is decentralized software which only records who is sharing with whom for qualification purposes and sends the invoice for who to share with next.

Target Share Points are points received in the IPF because of a customer in your Pair Tree. You become the “Target” of a Second Floor and above qualification according to the Equity Distribution Formula. The qualifying customer directly circulates 50% of their Step or Rank Share Points to you. (Equity means equality.)

In simple terms this means you receive a 50% of the Share Points shared to the System by the Qualifying Customer under special conditions. (You are the Target of the Customer regardless of who referred them in the Pair Tree strictly based on position.)

Those conditions are:

  • Someone in the Seven Generation Qualified Floors below you Targets Share Points to you according to the Equity Distribution Formula. Some Floors contain up to three Steps or Ranks.
  • You are Qualified to receive the Share Points because you previously, voluntarily circulated the Share Points to your Qualified Ancestor an equal number of Floors (Steps or Rank) before you.
  • You have the required Team Points to be qualified to receive on the Floor.

The Floors, Target, Parent, Grandparent, Child, Grandchild, Share Points, Qualification, and Pair Tree are described in detail on the IPF Details tab. Some Floors are divided into Steps to allow easier qualification.

The 50% will be reduced by 10% to 35% to the Pool and 5% to the Company after you earn twice what you shared for a Floor.

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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.