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Please NOTE! Visit the Home Page above for further information. We will try to keep the eBook branding for download and distribution as long as possible; however, expect the video to stop at any time and the website stop functioning. You cannot purchase new ads and referrals are no longer paid from the purchaser.

Before you can understand the potential of branding your eBooks, you need to know how to change your advertising and where to download the eBooks.

Everyone has a link on the bottom of all pages in all eBooks to link to our system registration page. This way even for FREE anyone can give away the eBooks as an incentive to get others to purchase advertising.

However, you must first PAY for your advertising in order to put your personal or business website link at the top of every page in the paid eBooks. There are several eBooks available to advertise in Phase1 for $30. Currently Small Dreams Have No Magic advertising is available in Phase2 for $300 as a bonus when you pay for your lifetime marketing system.

Once you pay for your advertising, you should immediately change your advertising for the top of every page of the associated eBooks.

After you change your advertising in your eBook, you can download any or all of the eBooks to give away. All eBooks in green are Phase1 and place you in the 30 Pair Tree. Books in salmon are Phase2 and place you in the 300 Pair Tree.

You can pay for your advertising at several places. On this back office page just click the orange “Pay for Project” button and select which phase to pay for. Please do NOT go through the pay process until you have a bitcoin wallet and at least the amount in bitcoin for your project.

As a side note, you can pay any amount over the price of the eBook and any remainder will be placed into your bitcoin wallet in our program. If you accidentally overpay with your house payment, do not worry, your funds are still in your wallet. Many people deliberately overpay in order to fast track their pledges instead of having to pay multiple times with multiple blockchain transaction fees and delays. The most common payments on the $30 Phase1 are $30, $200, and $500. You can go to the Training tab above right and click “All about Sharing” to help you decide which is best for you.

Additionally, under your Wallet tab there is an Order Phase1 and Order Phase2 button.

There are order buttons typically on the top right on various websites such as Small Dreams Have No Magic.

Now that you have ordered you need to know how to change your ad at the top of every page of the associate phase eBooks. When you click the orange “Change eBook Ads” button you will have a drop down for various phases. The function of the choices are the same but you must have paid $30 to change the Phase1 eBook ads and $300 to change the Phase2 eBook ads.

When you choose say Phase1 a new window will open and request your ID and password. Enter them along with the funny captcha code. If you cannot read the code, click reload to get a new image.

Click the green Submit button and you will now be taken to a new web page where you can view your current advertising for that phase. If you want to change the ad, you can change it then enter your ID, password, pin and captcha.

Read the instructions on the page before changing your ad. In general all you need to do is put the entire website link less http or www stuff on the website line. If your website will not work correctly, you may need to return to the Change Ad Page and put in the website including the .com and put everything else on the extension (ext). Do NOT put a slash (/) after your domain name.

If you update it correctly you will be directed to a Success Page with your ID in red.

Back on the eBook web page you can press the orange “Download eBook” button and select the eBook you want to brand. As example, suppose we chose the IPF System. First you will see a picture of the eBook you are going to brand. Verify the sponsor ID is YOUR ID. (Some people give the website link in the address bar with their ID to individuals. They do this so the prospect can change the name and email in the eBook.) All you need to do is press the green Submit button.

You will now be taken to a branding page showing a picture of the eBook you are branding. Scroll to the bottom and notice your name and email in the boxes. At this point, you or anyone you gave the previous link to, can change the name and email that will appear on the cover of the eBook. (Notice, you can put a phone number in the email field instead of email.)

Next check the gdpr box then click the “Rebrand this eBook” link. You will be taken to a new branding download page. This may take some time depending on internet connection speed.

On the download page you have a couple options. If you are going to use the same name and email and ad you saved under “Change eBook Ads” to give away often, then save the link in yellow so you do not need to go through this process every time. If all you are going to do is read the eBook, show it to someone one time, or download it to your cell phone or computer, then just click the blue underlined “here” under Download PDF. When opened you will have a branded PDF of your eBook.

In addition to being able to download from you back office eBook link, many websites have download links for your eBooks. As example if you go to the B-HOB website, you will see that all your eBooks are available for download from the Download link on the top of the page. Many people like to send prospects to specific eBook websites so that all the eBooks are available.

Now that you know how to buy, change, and download eBooks, let us talk about some strategy.

The first strategy is obvious. Everyone even for FREE can give away all the eBooks to attract individuals to our program. There is a link on the bottom of every page to your business registration so that others you refer can purchase advertising. If you have not paid for advertising you will not be able to change the ad at the top of every page in the associated eBooks.

If you have paid for your advertising, you will be able to change the ad in the associated eBooks as often as you desire. The best strategy is to use a link to some other program or one of our other eBooks if you do not have another program. This way you can gently invite someone by giving away the free eBook and tell them they can also advertise any business they want. When they ask what you advertise, tell them to click the link at the top of any page to take them to your business.

Now for the inside secret to marketing. Find a store such as a dry cleaner and get their website, name and email or phone number. First change YOUR ad to the store owners website. Then brand the eBook with the owner’s name and email on the cover using the Circulating Currency eBook. Copy down the link for the Dry Cleaner that was on the branding page in the yellow box. Change your ad on the Back Office eBook page back to your own ad so others to not brand with the dry cleaner website when they download your eBooks.

Next visit, or email the link of the branded eBook, to the owner of the dry cleaner. Tell them they can put a sign in their window that they take bitcoin and people can come inside to get a free copy of the Circulating Currency eBook. The eBook even tells them how to make the sign, put a QR code on the sign for their own eBook download, and how to set up their merchant account to take bitcoin.

Tell them you are test marketing on how effective the sign is for drawing in new customers. Tell them YOU will pay for the advertising, sign and download. (Do not pay for their advertising, just use your license to make a one time eBook.) Tell the owner all they need to do is tell you if the business improved or not due to the advertising.

Here is the secret. They can give away all the eBooks they want even with their name, phone and website, because YOUR link to sell advertising is on the bottom of the page. Return some time later and tell the owner how they can make money by purchasing the ad and putting their link on the bottom of every page. They cannot go around you because if they join for free and do not buy the ad, they lose their ad at the top of every page they brand.

Only paid advertisers can change the link at the top of the page in the associated eBooks.

Be smart about the niche you are advertising to. Send the B-OHB eBook to people interested in health, doctors, sports gyms, nutrition shops and other health related places like a marathon race. Send the Circulating Currency eBook to online and offline merchants and individual involved with bitcoin and trading. Use the other eBooks for marketing groups and network marketing groups looking for something to give away in exchange for their prospect’s name and number to create a contact list. Small Dreams Has No Magic has a huge niche because it is good for all people no matter if they are in business or not.

Do not forget to offer your branded eBooks to all your social media contacts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or many others.

Offer it as a gift such as to individuals with a LOT of followers. No one is going to complain if you give away Small Dreams Have No Magic, and many visitors will download the eBook just to see what you gave away to their friend or a celebrity. Everyone who passes your eBook on will be multiplying your potential success.

Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.