This is a Common Law Contract.

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NUMBER 1 RULE: You agree this is a contract exceeding any other conflicting contracts in effect. If you do not agree to our contract, DO NOT REGISTER to participate in the pledge program.

The Product - The initial product is a $35 a month marketing system with a lifetime purchase of an additional $350 which will include a Bonus Crypto Patent. Optionally, we want individuals to join the Pledge Distribution Formula and OPTIONALLY Pledge $10 to the company and Pledge $20 in bitcoin directly to the coupon provider to waive the first month $35 marketing system. After the initial pledge, each $32 in pledges to three combined projects will waive another $35 monthly fee. If the individual Pledges the company an additional $100 and Pledges $200 in bitcoin directly to the coupon provider, the $35 marketing system will be waived for the life of the program and they will receive a bonus credit for a $350 basic MyCryptoPatent.

Pledges - Pledges are made direct from one individual directly to up to three projects, sent currently in bitcoin. The company software determines which projects to direct the pledges to by opening a channel between the sender and receiver according to the Pledge Distribution Formula. The Pledge stays in the original bitcoin address of the sender on the blockchain until a receiver action withdraws the pledge closing the channel between sender and receiver. All pledges and distribution are fully transparent and traceable in the back office. Pledges cannot be withdrawn until reaching Step 5, except in special circumstances. This is to protect the individual and keep them qualified for more pledges. Auto Step Up to Rank 5 in the 30 and Rank 9 in the 300 pledges is agreed to as part of this contract. The 30 is always stepped up to Rank 3 or Rank 5 if the position has ONE Pool Point before the 300. ALL Pledge Points including optional pledges are derived from the sale of products. Pledge Points are often called Mall Points.

Customers are purchasing a product at full retail with NO interest in the IPF Mall Points. See refund policy.

Members – agree to the following rules upon free registration in the IPF.

  1. Agree they are entering a Common Law Contract Agreement and choose to pledge according to the Pledge Distribution Formula with no right to disclose or dispute outside the group. There are NO refunds or claims against past pledges. Make sure you have the correct Coupon ID on initial registration.
  2. Agree to purchase product at a retail coupon discount, which includes a company 20 eBook or a 200 IPF System Mall Point discount, which the buyer immediately pledges on purchase to the Coupon provider. The pledge is DIRECT to the Coupon provider and not via the company.
  3. After the initial product purchase pledge, all Mall Point pledges are direct from member to member based on the Pledge Distribution Formula.

During Prelaunch

  1. All wallets will not be able to withdraw. The company MAY allow up to $2 withdrawal during prelaunch to accommodate wallet testing. All withdrawals must include a bitcoin blockchain fee. 30 Prelaunch is over 4/10/2019.
  2. No additional Pledges for positioning benefit were made during prelaunch. Updated 4/24/2019.
  3. For the 30 eBook System, everyone will be placed in their pair tree under their Coupon Sponsor’s next available position, top to bottom, generally left to right, equal distribution based on purchase date. If their coupon provider is not in the structure because the provider did not purchase, they will be placed starting at the first qualified available previous ancestor starting at the original coupon provider’s parent. Members agree placement by first payment means children and grandchildren may not be in their pair tree.
  4. All members will be qualified for Seven Floors for a period of two weeks after launch for pledge requirements, but must have purchased their eBook System and acquired the required Team Points per Rank to receive Step Up Pledges.
  5. For the 300 Lifetime System and Bonus Patent, placement will be held until 1024 paid members or earlier if decided by the company. Placement will be based on performance. The paid list will be sorted by pool points, then date of purchase of the product, then date of registration. The placement will fill from the top of the company starting under the company two front positions. There will be four members directly under the company two positions. The company will constantly update the tree based on performance during the prelaunch to give individuals an idea what their pair tree might look like.
  6. There is NO step up during the prelaunch in the 300 product purchase. After launch of the 300 system, everyone will be qualified to receive target and match pledges for one week with no pledge per level required; however, they must meet the Team Requirements for the rank to receive pledges at that rank, so make sure you have your team points in place before the week starts. Team Points are only from the paid 300 Pair Tree. Warning, if you withdraw early, you may not have pledges to step up in this auto placement and step up. It is recommended you build your teams and hold your pledges until after Rank 9 in the 300 Pair Tree to assure success. The Second and Third Floors are broken into smaller steps and step up funds will occur much faster.
  7. All members agree that performance placement during prelaunch means children and grandchildren more than likely will not be below their structure. Only personal purchasers with no children could be in your structure. This can be good and bad. If they are not below you, they probably performed during prelaunch and you will receive better matches. If they are below you, and you sponsored a LOT of non performers, you could block yourself from immediate support from others after prelaunch. It is expected that 50% of the prelaunch members will have no children and be on the bottom of the initial structure.

After Launch

  1. All rules remain and all must reach Rank 5 in the eBook 30 system to withdraw. This is to protect you from removing pledges before you step up, which would cause you to fail because you cannot receive pledges. The minimum withdraw is $30 of bitcoin plus bitcoin fees.
  2. Immediately after launch, Auto Purchase of the 30 System and Auto Step Up will occur to RANK 5 (No Rank Limit on old PPEC accounts.) with everyone qualified to receive, provided they have purchased the 30 eBook. After initial Step Up for everyone, the GRACE will be turned off. From this point on Auto Step Up will occur to Rank 5 provided you have the necessary Team Points. Auto Step Up is done in BATCH mode so it is ALWAYS best if you step yourself up FIRST for an earlier potential performance date. Also, Auto Step Up will step up FREE participants to Rank 1 when they earn the pledges.
  3. You now must have needed team points and paid the Rank to receive pledges, or you lose primary and secondary pledges to the Pool per the Pledge Distribution Formula until you build your qualified teams. This could cost you seriously since you may miss many higher level pledges. Get your Team Points at least to two points as soon as possible. That is four personal sales and eight second level sales.
  4. New paid members will be placed in their respective Project Pair Tree under their Coupon Sponsor’s next available position, top to bottom, generally left to right, equal distribution based on purchase date. If their sponsor is not in the company Pair Tree because the sponsor did not purchase, they will be placed starting at the first qualified available previous ancestor starting at the original sponsor’s parent.

Mall Points

Mall points are initially referenced to bitcoin. This means as the bitcoin price goes up or down the value in your wallet will change accordingly. Pledges are direct transfers of bitcoin to your bitcoin wallet. This also means you may initially receive enough bitcoin to pledge a step up, but due to bitcoin price change, you may need to receive more to have sufficient funds. It is usually best to step up as soon as you can do so, provided there is a potential gain from stepping up. If you pay more than the required product price, the over payment, less $0.50 of bitcoin as a fee, will be placed in YOUR wallet. So if you accidently send your house payment, it is refunded to your wallet.

Initially, the points will be able to withdraw directly to your bitcoin wallet, but as the full Circulating Currency and the Mall are implemented, you will need to use your funds to purchase from the Mall. This will not be a challenge because virtually every product and service will be available to purchase via the Mall and coupon rebate system worldwide. This includes your groceries to your mortgage payments. Additionally, certified merchants will directly accept a percentage up to all Mall Points for products and services. The end goal is everyone will earn Mall Points from the increasing number of new first time customer purchases and be able to use them to trade within the group for products and services.

Future projects may use different Crypto currency and may be placed either by first purchaser or performance depending on the project rules. You would be well advised to obtain a wallet in addition to bitcoin from Stellar, NEM, and Waves. We plan to use Waves or Stellar in the future for other DAO projects. Purchases which include the IPF Crypto Patent will have a NEM token assigned to those with a NEM wallet in the future after launch, which will be transferable via the blockchain outside of the company until exchanged for a Crypto Patent. This is a utility token that can only be redeemed for a base Crypto Patent.

Revised on: May 19th, 2019
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