Pledge to HlyGrail

Use the following form to pledge to the HlyGrail while testing your bitcoin wallet functions and order process before spending the larger purchases or stepups. Pledges to HlyGrail are a voluntary decision, the same as the full IPF System. The suggested test pledge to HlyGrail is $3.00 plus nominal blockchain fees. Feel free to pledge more, but do not proceed, if you do not intend to send something. There are NO refunds for pledges. Every field below is part of our security system. Normally you pay for yourself, so the Pay for ID should be the same as the User ID. Therefore, if you are shareing for another ID, make sure EVERYTHING including the bitcoin amount is correct. You will only be able to see this pledge in your back office, if you use your OWN ID because you need to log in to see pledges.

Make sure you have your wallet ready and have sufficient funds to pay BEFORE you click "Submit". Once you click submit, you will be directed to a pledge page with a database entry already made for your pledge. Multiple failed pledges will LOCK your account!

This test allows you to check your ID, PIN, password, payments, receipts, and account settings.

Close Page When Done!

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