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Use the following form to request an Ad in the IPF Phase1 eBooks. Ordering is a voluntary decision to follow the rules and details with the IPF System, which you agree you have read and agree to by placing this Member order. The price for the eBook ad is $30.00 plus nominal blockchain fees (normally about 1%). In addition you agree to pledge your 20 Mall Points for immediate transfer to your coupon sponsor, directly via this order. There are NO refunds for pledges or orders via this form. If you only want the ad, place the order on the retail website. You automatically receive Seven Floors of qualifications for two weeks just by purchasing your ad in the eBook. Every field below is part of our security system. Normally you pay for yourself, so the Pay for ID should be the same as the User ID. ANY payment refunds pay to the USER ID, not the Pay for ID, because it is assumed the individual logged in is paying with their wallet. Therefore, if you are paying for another ID, make sure EVERYTHING including the bitcoin amount is correct. Any payment errors are between the User ID and Pay for ID outside any control of the company.

Make sure you have your wallet ready and have sufficient funds to pay BEFORE you click "Submit". Once you click submit, you will be directed to a payment page with a database entry already made for your payment. Multiple failed payments will LOCK your account!

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Normally the ID Purchasing is YOUR ID. Unless you are paying for someone else.
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