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Your User ID will be created and you will be sent to a Success Page with YOUR USER ID. Write it down! Do not forget your password, PIN, NAME or USER ID. We will NOT send email. Email is part of your bitcoin private key. Duplicate email addresses will be rejected in our system. We use Telegram and other means to communicate. Once you register, you will have access to the company Telegram account to send and receive messages to the company and chat among members. Do NOT register with multiple accounts! If you are registering as a sales representative, multiple accounts WILL hurt your commissions, because of how pool points are paid, and performance determined.

Do NOT FORGET PIN, Password, Name and Email - EVER! All parts are needed to access your advertising and WALLET. No one can access or change your information but you. If you lose it, your account is lost forever. Do not ask us to recover your password and PIN. It is encrypted. You are responsible for YOUR bank.


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We do not send email. Ask your sponsor for your ID if you forget it.

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