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Instructions: The following links may be used to send new customers to our system. Make sure the Current Referral ID is your ID. If not, change it in the browser window in the top left of the website before using any of these links. The best marketing will be using your eBooks or Project website coded to you. You are not allowed to spam email or use any marketing system not provided by the company. We provide a full powerful marketing system and most is completely free, if you are pledging.

Our system uses a unique website system. Virtually any webpage you are on can be your marketing page. If you have your link correct at the top left of your web browser, just copy the link and all other webpages are linked.

Use the Project funnel as a Free Capture Page. Your customer can only register from this page. This page focuses on projects and indicates our system will help them get their project going now.

The Basics Page gives a little introduction for the average marketer. It links to everything but the high energy leaders page. Use this for all the people you need to babysit and educate before they will join the program.

The Leaders Page is designed for no nonsense marketing. You know the person or business you are calling wants to register, get their wallet and pay, then duplicate the process. They want to know what they can make and do not spend days trying to figure out if they can afford to spend $30. They just do it.

Learn the power of the eBook marketing for training and as an incentive gift for niche markets.

Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.