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The PPEC prelaunch is over. All prelaunch members can reach their eBook downloads and back office with their previous ID, password and pin from the original website. We will integrate the old PPEC prelaunch into the IPF as a new 2x7 Phase with necessary eBooks. We plan on adding the ability for individuals to create their own eBooks. All paid members in the PPEC will be qualified as paid in the new eBook matrix when activated. All prelaunch members have a corresponding ID in the IPF but 10000 higher. If your PPEC ID was 1234 you now have an ID 11234 in the IPF. Your password and pin have been ported to the new system.

IPF Launch

We are in the initial soft launch of the IPF. Individuals can purchase the eBook Ad and the MyCryptoPatent but they can only step up in the eBook at this time. Everyone is fully qualified for two weeks after paying for their eBook, so step up quickly before your time runs out and you lose significant pledges.

Individuals are currently placed in the eBook Pledge Tree first come first serve under their first paid ancestor starting with their parent. As example, if you were in the prelaunch and six ancestors have not purchased before you, you will be placed in the next available position under your seventh paid ancestor. If you have no paid ancestors, you will be placed under the next available position under the company. The faster you pay for your eBook Ad, they higher you will be in the total company structure. Additionally, if there are ties in pools, your time of purchase will break a tie.

The soft launch will end with 1024 paid Patents. The IPF patent matrix IS OPEN. You are currently placed under the first paid ancestor when you purchase your patent. However, the IPF matrix is planed to be initially filled by performance. This means the matrix positioning WILL CHANGE. The top performers will be placed in the matrix first, then we will open the step up with a two week grace period. Purchase date will break ties in placement, so purchase your patent early.

Make sure you join the Telegram Broadcast channel, because that is where we provide the most current information. Get the broadcast channel from your upline or the top of the back office.

If you need support, use the Telegram IPF Support Channel. DO NOT use this for messaging and discussions, this is support only. Read the websites and talk to your sponsor for information before using the support channel. You can join the IPF Members Broadcast for news or join the IPF chat channel to talk to others.

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