Marketing Approaches

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Market the WeSharePledges Marketing System

Sell the system for $30 so they can market any product or service through the top link in our eBook. They give away the eBook as a gift to receive direct contact to their company via the advertising link. The advertiser receives the added benefit that the customer may not purchase their product, but the customer may register in our program to market their own product, which in turn creates pledges from our company back to the initial advertiser.

Coupon Program to Receive Pledges

All types of organizations can receive pledges by handing out coupons. Non Profits should have a proxy fund raising manger register in our program and pledge 100% of the pledges to the non-profit organization. Other entities can raise pledges for any personal project or cause. It is free to join, and they can print any number of fliers, coupons or send out website links. Up to 66% of the purchase of the WeSharePledges system for their business will be pledged directly from the purchaser to the organization.

WeSharePledges as a Cooperative Sharing to Other Projects

Learn how the optional Step Up works where you voluntarily share 50% of a pledge to a Target project and 25% to the Parent and 25% to the Grandparent project of the Target. You do this to qualify your project to exponentially increase the number of pledges to your project based on our Pledge Distribution Formula. The WeSharePledges eBook and system describe how this voluntary Step Up works.

WeSharePledges as a Discount Member Program

Have merchants offer the WeSharePledges system for $30 in order to receive a discount from the merchant. As example, while a customer is eating at your restaurant, ask them if they are in the WeSharePledges program. Tell them members receive a discount for eating at the restaurant. Sell the WeSharePledges eBook for $30 and receive back $20. Give them a membership card with their ID on it. Now provide a discount once a week when they eat. Get local merchants to join you in the project and offer discounts to local WeSharePledges members. Use the discounts as a loyalty program and reap the benefit of those customers creating pledges for you as they invite other members. Expand your income world wide as members leave the area. Now you can truly retire.

Normally a business only receives income from physical visitors. Once they build the business up and sell the business, they receive no further income from the business. If they build a WeSharePledges organization over years, when they sell the business, they keep the WeSharePledges business.

Improvise the discount and maybe only give a discount to the member’s guests. At least you will have one full paid customer and the guest may join your program so that they can bring guests at a discount.

WeSharePledges as an Inventory Clearance Program

Suppose you have a $100 item sold retail but have a lot in the warehouse. You cannot discount sell the product or your retailers will be unhappy. Assume the wholesale and profit is $50. Offer to sell the product at 30% off for members. This is exactly the amount ($30) needed for the WeSharePledges system and you get back $20. In the future you sell to members for $70 and make an extra $20 over your normal wholesale and profit. Many merchants have much better margin than 50% so there is a lot of leverage with this program. Especially for excess inventory.

WeSharePledges as a Direct Sales Referral Program.

Figure your wholesale and profit. Add, $30 to come up with Retail. Create a members ID system that requires their WeSharePledges ID to register. Sell the product at wholesale to members or let members have customers order direct from you with their referral ID.

Market your product in your eBook to generate new members in WeSharePledges and increase pledges from our program. Your discount members will invite other members to receive your product at discount, further increasing your pledges through the Pair Tree.

You could modify the above and pay a referral fee on repeat orders.

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