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This is a short video covering the navigation basics of the PPEC system. The PPEC stands for the Perfect Private Equity Coop. It is a philosophy and not a company. The term is used to encapsulate most of the process of our Circulating Currency system. Circulating Currency is a theory of how money circulates to make a viable economy. You can read about the system and theory on the various websites and through our eBooks.

EVERYONE should start at weharepledges.com/share then weharepledges.com. This is your self replicated funnel or marketing system for $35 a month, which is currently donated by Genus Enterprises to each registered member. This is a complete and integrated system tying your marketing, back office functions, communication, eBooks, pledge system, training and tools. You do not need any other system to build and track your business or pledges.

You should send EVERYONE directly to your coded page at weharepledges.com/share/?rid=YOURID as your capture page. Replace YOURID with your personal ID you received when you registered, and pass out your link to others you invite. Your link is at the bottom of every page in your IPF System eBook once you register. You can change the ad at the TOP of every page, when you purchase your eBook advertising for $30 with a coupon discount. Once your prospect sees the capture page you can send them to the basic website weharepledges.com/?rid=YOURID.

This is important! Due to the security nature of bitcoin, your wesharepledges.com link is the ONLY link we guarantee will work. Do not link to the register pages, back office, other videos etc and expect them to always work. Our system is designed to be instantly moved to another website, host and domains. This is to prevent hacking and DDOS attacks. Your back office and wesharepledges are NOT on the same servers. We cannot protect YOUR computer from compromise. Do not leave tabs open in your browser for easy access. You are NEVER logged in.

No matter what website your prospect visits from wesharepledges.com using your link, they will be tracked, or left with an open tab back to your system. The top left tab opens our major product MyCryptoPatent. This is an extensive website linking to other websites and pages explaining our entire crypto patent system and the product you receive for $300 with a discount coupon. If you are serious about receiving pledges, you need to study the mycryptopatent.com website in detail. You cannot market something you do not understand.

The nine video tabs across the top of wesharepledges.com, or in your menu drop down on your cell phone, are basic introduction videos on our system. Everyone should watch them several times. The script for each video is on the bottom of each page available with google translate to most languages.

The calculator tab is for your personal use to estimate pledges based on your effort and the effort of others.

The Motivate Page has a link to the Circulating Currency eBook as a website coded to your ID. This web page covers everything anyone needs to know about bitcoin and how it integrates with our system. Previous paid members have access to branding the eBook from their original PPEC back office and new members can download the eBook but cannot change the top page links.

The Back Office tab links to YOUR back office and a way for your prospect to sign up for free. There is also a Register tab taking you directly to the signup page. Make sure everyone follows the registration instructions, saves, and remembers their information. Their information creates a wallet for their bitcoin pledges and NO one can recover their information. Do not ask the company to recover your password or pin.

Once your prospect registers, in your back office, you can find their name and email along with information like what products they have paid for and the status of their success so that you can help them.

Watch the back office video for more information on how to navigate and use the back office.

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