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This is a short video covering the navigation basics of your IPF Back Office. IPF stands for Intellectual Property File and is the basis for MyCryptoPatent.

You should never directly link to this back office web page, because the domain names, website and hosting could change at any time to prevent hackers and DDOS attacks. You should always promote your sites weharepledges.com/share/?rid=YOURID and weharepledges.com/?rid=YOURID where YOURID is your member ID received when you registered. You can reach your back office by clicking the “register” tab on most websites.

Wesharepledges.com and your back office are designed to work with mobile devices because we are a worldwide organization. If you are on a mobile device, you need to click the MENU tab – three line icon, usually in the top right corner of your phone, in order to see the tabs.

The first back office page you are directed to is the register instruction page. Make sure YOUR ID is always in the address bar at the top of every web page you visit in the back office. The “Blue Register” Button on the page will take your prospect to the actual sign up page. It is VERY important that your prospect follows the instructions on the actual sign up page. They MUST save their name, email, password and pin exactly as registered, because their credentials create a bitcoin private key to access their wallet on the blockchain. We do NOT have your information. We cannot recover your password and pin so make sure you record the information and store it someplace like a safe.

The top left tab links to MyCryptoPatent.com in a separate window. This allows you or anyone else to view the extensive retail website on our product while leaving a tab open for return to your back office.

The rest of the links or tabs should be self explanatory and we will provide separate video for each tab if needed. Here is a short description of the other tabs:

  • Referral Links – This is a list of common links used with the program. Be cautious, because these links could change. Do not use the direct link to immediate sign up unless you have a special need. Never leave the sign up tab open to sign another prospect or you can EASILY register them under a previous customer. Always start over at the register page in the back office.
  • Team – This tab has extensive information on how to contact your customers, view team progress, and organizational structure. This web page has a separate video.
  • eBooks – This tab is where you pay for, modify, and download your eBooks. Currently, you can only download the IPF System eBook, but in the future when we integrate the prelaunch eBooks you will have access through them here.
  • Accounts – This tab is where you change your Telegram and Bitcoin accounts. We use Telegram to communicate with you, and in the future notifications will be via your Telegram account. Your bitcoin address is important because the address recorded here is where we send your pledges when you withdraw. If you put the wrong address in, the funds will not go to you and there is NOTHING we can do to recover your pledges. All our transactions are LIVE on the bitcoin Blockchain. In the future we will add NEM for your Patent Tokens and Stellar to allow you to send and receive different crypto from others, even outside our system.
  • Security – This tab is where you change your password, pin and email. Your name can be changed via the company. You will need BOTH your password and pin in order to change either one or both. We do not have your password and pin so do not lose them.
  • Wallet – This tab is extensive and tracks virtually every aspect of your pledges and pledges to you. There will be a separate video on the wallet functions. Almost all the buttons are for accounting purposes. You cannot break anything with these buttons so experiment until you understand their full functions. Most people will not use the buttons, but they are there for full transparency, taking information from the live blockchain transactions.
    • The green buttons are the only buttons where you pay for products, step up pledges to other projects, and withdraw on the salmon colored button. Before pressing the first three green buttons, make sure you have a bitcoin wallet with funds available. The Green Step Up Buttons will only work if you have sufficient funds in your wallet and have met the required team points.
    • When you withdraw, make sure you have sufficient funds in your wallet for your withdrawal. You will also need to pay the current miner fee out of your funds. The estimated miner fee will show when you start the withdraw. If you delay too long before completing the withdraw, the miner fee may change. The amount received will be reduced by the miner fee.
  • Legal – This tab is all the mumbo jumbo the lawyer makes us display. Basically, you agree when you register that you are joining a common law contract and agree with the pledge distribution formula and any other legal aspects of the contract. You can find the current rules for contests and other changing parts of our system.
  • Compensation – This tab goes into great detail about the Pledge Distribution Formula. You should review each tab on this website, if you want to know exactly how it all works.

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