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Team Point = Two Who Get Two

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This is a short strategy video for the PPEC and IPF System. In order to be real successful, you will need to understand how all the pieces fit together. Some things may not appear important at the moment, but they can greatly effect your success in the future. The end goal of the Perfect Private Equity Coop (PPEC) is to create an ecosystem were everyone can trade worldwide buying and selling products and services within our own Circulating Currency System.


Genealogy – the main system is build around what would normally be described as a two level ancestry program. This means the individuals you invite are called your children, and the individuals they invite are called your grandchildren. Likewise, you are the parent of your child and the grandparent of your grandchild. Your child is the parent of your grandchild. The connections look like a genealogy tree.

This structure is very important as it is the basis for bonus pool qualifications, uni-level pay when we implement the mall, the Primary and Secondary in the Pledge Distribution Formula, and determining where an individual is placed in many Pair Trees.

Pair Tree – We call it a Pair Tree because everyone who pays is connected to two other individuals in a specific tree. There are currently two company Pair Trees, the eBook and the Patent. You do not enter the company Pair Tree until you purchase your associated product. Everyone has their OWN Pair Tree once they pay for a product. Individual Pair Trees are 2 X 7 structures which are filled over time by their own sales and or the sales of others in the company structure. It is possible to have your 254 Pair Tree positions filled without you ever doing anything but purchasing the associated product. However, you have a much greater chance of success by helping fill your Pair Tree with personal sales. Once you purchase your associated product, in general, all your genealogy purchases will be under YOUR Pair Tree. This is modified by performance when the company starts a new product or service Pair Tree.

Other than new Pair Trees, you join a company Pair Tree in the next available position under the first ancestor who purchased the product or service before you. During a contest launch of a Pair Tree, you enter the company Pair Tree based on who has the most Team Points created by new sales in the new project during the contest period.

Team Points – are a combination of two personal sales (children) and four combined sales by your personal sales (grandchildren). Team Points start from the beginning of a contest to the end of the contest. Team Points are specific to the project. Ties are broken by who purchased the product first and then usually by some other factor such as who signed up free first or who had the most Team Points among free members.

Best Strategy:

  • Join Free
  • Pay for your Products
  • Enroll ten new members and have them purchase immediately.
  • Help your ten new members get two personal sales each.
  • Step Up when you have customers on the second floor.
  • Teach others to Step Up when they have customers on the second floor.
  • Step up when you have customers on the third floor.
  • Continue this process four more times creating five pool points.
  • You will need to pledge three times for each floor after the third floor in the eBook and for each floor in the Patent Pair Tree.

The Fastest Strategy

  • Join Free
  • Send everyone to your coded wesharepledges.com website.
  • Purchase Products Immediately
  • Make Two Sales Immediately
  • Help You Children Make two Sales
  • Step Up as you receive Pledges and Team Points
  • Teach your Children to Step Up.
  • Keep building teams of two children and four grandchildren until you are financially where you want to be.

Five team points is all that is required, but since you receive matching Pledges on every child and grandchild, you should sell as many personal sales as possible and as fast as possible.

Timing is everything. 75% of the people will have NO Team Points. Therefore whoever buys first is way ahead of the rest.

Note: You are grandfathered seven floors of qualification for two weeks after purchasing your specific product. Build as fast as possible during this time for maximum pledges.

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