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My Wallet

This is where you check, send, receive and inspect your transactions. DO NOT GET CONFUSED! The green buttons are the important ones. All the rest are for information on your Pledges.

Calculate Satoshis

This is where you find qualification for advertising, or mycrypto patents you have purchased for yourself or others, how much you have paid in, taken out and lost. You can check on refunds, validate wallet status, and withdraw.

Remember, this is the Bitcoin blockchain. If you make a mistake and send to the wrong address, your money cannot be recovered. If you overpay a product we will add it back to your wallet less a $0.50 fee. If you under pay, you will NOT be qualified and we will refund all less $0.50 processing to the wallet of the one LOGGED IN.

Please be advised, the IPF Management Company's function is to be a book keeper via the blockchain for any organization tracking. We do not have YOUR wallet funds. All purchases are tied to who receives what, and when they request a withdraw, that is when the purchaser's bitcoin moves to your bitcoin address.

Due to a software placement bug, current orders and payments are disabled. Make this a positive and build your organization the next few days and teach everyone to get and fund their wallets.

Get Bitcoin Here

Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.